Enjoy with 5 special delicious delications you must try at C.Tao

China is famous around the world for its rich, diverse cuisine and rich in identity. If you are looking for a restaurant with a standard Chinese flavor, C.Tao Chinese Restaurant is a place worth experiencing. You will feel satisfied from the airy, luxurious, bold Chinese space to the dishes that are carefully selected and used fresh, while C.Tao chooses to decrease the amount of fat and spices in the way. processed, both good for health and still keeping the essence of culinary culture in each dish.

5 dishes that must be tried as soon as you come to C.Tao Chinese Restaurant:

Crispy Fried Spare Ribs w/Garlic

The fragrant, fragrant fried garlic ribs will be a dish that will make the rice cooker soon… “evaporate”.

Stir Fried Broccoli w/ Mushroom And Crab Sauce

The soft and sweet crab meat with mushrooms mixed in a rich sauce combined with broccoli is perfect.

Scallop Dumblings

dumpling Hot dumpling, filling inside, both sweet and tender, while feeling the looseness of the crust, adding a rich sauce is so great!

Fteamed Fhicken Feet w/ Guilin Sauce

The steamed chicken feet are soft with the fragrant flavor of cinnamon sauce mixed with a bit of spicy enough for you to feel the delicious, super delicious taste!

Sichuan Tofu

Soft fragrant, nutritious minced meat along with the characteristic spicy and sour taste of Sichuan will make the dish attractive and extremely delicious.