Infatuated super delicious Dimsum at C.Tao

To be able to make a delicious Dimsum dish, the dough must be kneaded by hand until it reaches the desired consistency and smoothness, then the filling is placed in the center and wrapped carefully. With the patience, meticulousness and extreme sophistication of chef C.Tao, hot Dimsums come out of the oven, full of fillings, take a bite to feel the ethereal flavor and soft, fragrant crust, add a little extra. The rich dipping sauce is delicious.

Some unique dishes that must be tried when visiting C.Tao: Steamed rice rolls w/ shredded roasted duck rolls, scallop dumplings, prawn dumplings, Prawn, pork and shiitake mushrooms dumplings, steamed spare ribs w/ black bean sauce.